Once you realize how search engines work, there’s a great temptation to give them what they want by pumping up the keywords in your text, adding hidden keywords on your pages, etc. This is where things start to get a bit shady.

The problem with this approach is that search engines know people do this, and they’re continually working on ways to identify and eliminate it. Remember “meta tags”?



Site owners used to pump these full of keywords in order to get more search traffic until the search engines caught on and dramatically reduced their importance in the ranking process.

If you build your site around the idea that you can throw on some keywords like this, also known as keyword stuffing, instead of writing good relevant content, you can only get so far before everyone realizes you’re just posing.

How often have you searched for something, and then clicked through on the top results only to find a junk page crammed with keywords but little useful content?

Did you stick around? Did you buy anything?

It’s an issue of quality vs. quantity. You might be able to increase your hits, but you’ll receive a lower percentage of conversions because your pages don’t match the expectations held by users clicking through from search engines.